Jan. 9th, 2017

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A friend called me last night to inform me that a common acquaintance’s son, a boy I briefly taught at the beginning of my career, a smart boy I’d liked very much, passed away in his sleep a few days ago at the age of nineteen. 

I’m typing this and it still seems very unreal - who dies in his sleep at the age of nineteen? 

Apparently he’d complained over Christmas that he had occasional palpitations and his parents suggested he go see a doctor after the holidays. Nobody saw a reason to treat this as an emergency - and why should they? He was otherwise in perfect health - he’s always been a healthy boy - and there was no history of heart problems in the family. The cause of death is still currently unknown - they’re doing an autopsy. 

This morning I am trying not to think of him or his parents too much, otherwise I won’t let my kids out of my sight at all. (Like that helps.) 

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