Mar. 2nd, 2017

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We had a Visitor from the local Catholic Parish today (oh the joys of working at a Catholic school), an elderly, very pious woman. She wasn’t entirely prepared to deal with a bunch of seven- and eight-year-olds. 

Visitor: usually I work at St Something Secondary Shool, but today I am thrilled to be with you…

Daniel: OH! I know someone who goes there! Do you know Abby? She goes to that school!

Visitor: Ahahahaha, I’m not sure, I am not that good with names. My computer *points to her head* doesn’t work that well anymore, see.

Leo: That’s your brain. You mean your brain.

Visitor: yes, it is my brain, but I call it my computer, ahahahaha.

Leo: *slowly, in case she doesn’t get it* That’s not how it works. Your COMPUTER sits on your desk. The thing in your head is called a BRAIN.

Visitor: …OK. moving on. CHILDREN, I made a very special trip to see you today! I came with…. Can you guess?

Chorus of kids: JESUS!

Leo: a streetcar? 

Visitor: *glares at Leo* Jesus, indeed. Jesus is with you - with every single one of you *beams*

Leo; Wait. How many Jesuses are there? one THOUSAND?

Visitor: *quietly seething* NO, there is only one. But he is everywhere.

Leo: *frowns* But how does he do this? Does he divide himself?

Visitor: what? No, he doesn’t have to! But he still sees everything.

Leo: *tilts head* So… he must have about two thousand eyes?

At this point Leo’s teacher interrupted the conversation for a quiet one-one-one with Leo, to my great dismay because I was thoroughly enjoying the show. 

Leo is currently in grade 1; if everything goes according to plan, he wil be in my class next year, and I am looking forward to it. 

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