Apr. 1st, 2017

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This year our country will celebrate its 150th anniversary, so the teachers who run the school radio at my school, my tiny French Catholic elementary school, have decided that it would be nice to honour all sorts of Canadian people, to show how diverse Canada is. 

The kids have been encouraged to do their own research, find an interesting person to honour, write their biography and share it on the radio. They’re not always very inspired by their subject, so more often than not we get a short wikipedia excerpt about people we’ve never heard about, containing super long words painstakingly read by a 10-year-old.

AND SO today our school radio paid a surprising and vibrant tribute to a porn-o-graphic actress, followed by a brief panicked intervention by our acting principal who said she was, of course, “a photographic artist” (no she wasn’t).

And then we all fell over laughing, because what the hell happened. (I strongly suspect that our uninspired radio researcher googled “Ontario Actress Famous Adult”  and had no idea what “pornographique” meant, but decided that since it ended in “phique” it was probably about math or science and he might as well chance it. WELL PLAYED KIDDO)    

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