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la_rainette: (la_rainette, rainette1)

Une grenouille au pays des ours blancs

La tête dans les nuages, les pieds dans la slush

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Created on 2009-04-14 21:04:34 (#61209), last updated 2017-09-12 (1 week ago)

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Birthdate:Oct 17
Location:(states/regions/territories), Canada
Once upon a time, there was a happy, colourful frog who lived in a bizarre country full of wine, stinky cheeses and subtitled Woody Allen movies. One day, the little frog accidentally hopped onto a huge plane that took her all the way across the Atlantic Ocean, to another weird place full of raccoons and other unexpected wildlife. A place where people speak a very different language which she's still trying to come to terms with. This is her story.

So. I've been in Canada nearly six years now. And I like it, yes I do. But I am sometimes challenged by the different culture, way of life and language - please bear in mind I am NOT a native speaker.

This journal will contains rants, musings on cultural and linguistic differences, and stories about my kids, Froglet (9) and Tadpole (7). Nothing groundbreaking, I'm afraid.

Icon credit:
Many thanks go to:
[info]darthfox, for the default picture and the i spleam icon. Fox, you made me my very first icon, I am forever grateful! ETA ahahahaha thank you also for the Tadpole icon and the j'<3 papa icon.
[info]sir_gareth, for the frog-queen picture, hell frozen over and growling Idefix (that would be Dogmatix for you, right?),
[info]copperbadge, for all three lovely Froglet pictures, and the wonderful Pfui! Nero Wolfe icon, and uh, many others by now, including two Very Festive icons. :D
[info]setissma for the lallydion, the blue frog, once upon a time, the chocolate icon, and several other colorful frog icons. You rock, Tai.
[info]seshat1 for the 4-frogs icon, and the frogs rock icon. Love them.
[info]redpanda for the idefix "Ils sont fous ces romains" icon.
[info]terrylj for the "don't panic!" icon and the lovely Tadpole icons.
[info]villainny for the lovely tasty and "need frog" icons.
[info]alpheratz for the dessin numéro un icon.
[info]maple_clef for the il pleut icon.
[info]fizzylizard for the Die, Tamagotchi icon.
[info]briar_cat for the Tamagotchi hateicon.
[info]deux1992 for the Enchanted icons
And, uh... whoever made the Fizzgig icon. So many thanks, dude. So many.

If I am using an icon of yours, but have forgotten to credit you, PLEASE let me know. I SWEAR that I am not doing it on purpose, it's just that it's hard to stay on top of things sometimes.

As of June, 2007 this journal is friends-only. If you like the public entries I made some time ago and would like to be added, please leave me a comment. :) I am very friendly and I do not bite. Frogs have no teeth, anyways :D
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