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There is no such thing as aging gracefully. That would suppose a long, gradual evolution in which you are aware of small changes and learn to embrace them.

But that's just not how it goes.

In reality, you stay the exact same age for about a decade, and then, all of a sudden, Something Happens and said decade unexpectedly lands on your head like a ton of bricks.

*takes deep breath*

Some of you have known me since Froglet was five and Tadpole was still in diapers. So this may come as a shock to you. I know it certainly was to me. I am sorry, trust me.

Froglet is starting to get boobs.


Yeah, well, no. Trust me on this, Husband. These are not pecs anymore.

The time has come to buy the first bra.

Ooooooh boy.
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OK, so about MOTHER'S DAY...

Yes, I realise it was last week. It's just been a really busy and stressful week, and then my workfilter took photobucket away from me. Rawr.

Mother's Day was lovely, including the part where I had breakfast in bed. The girls have become way better at flinging the cup of coffee in my general direction, I have become more adept at catching it before it hits the mattress (it helped that I kept my glasses close-by), and Husband has become more aware that filling the cup to the very top is not a good idea. So no-one got burned. \o/ Also, French croissant and pain au chocolat mmmmmmmm

So this is what I got from the girls... (pictures!) )

And then the week was what it was, and the only good thing I can say about it is that it's OVER. Yay for Saturday!
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rainette: Froglet? There is a sock of yours in the back of the car.
Froglet *quite unconcerned*: oh yeah. So?
rainette: weeeeeell, we should take it out. I mean, we should wash it, at least.
Froglet *deadpan*: Yes, let's do that. Let's take it out, wash it, and then we can put it right back in the car.
rainette *stops dead in her tracks*
Froglet *giggles impishly*

She's so much like me, it's scary sometimes.
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I have told Froglet about Impending Puberty, obviously. All of a sudden Husband is Very Pleased that he has only girls and doesn't have to give the birds and bees talk himself. I have neglected to point out to him that me being a girl never bothered my mum: whenever I asked a question she didn't want to answer ("How are babies made?"), she would grab my hand and drag me to see my dad.


Don't worry, he would answer. If she's asking you, it's because she already knows the answer. She just wants to make sure you know the answer, too.

And people wonder why I was so close to my dad.

ANYWAYS. So I HAVE told Froglet about Puberty, but since then she's had a CLASS about it and thus has been Properly Enlightened.

She has also been given her first sanitary towel. In a pretty plastic bag.

She stormed in after class and threw her thin self onto a chair, and then adopted her moodiest pout and just sat there, looking dejected and suitably fed up with life.

What's up, I asked.

I had a DISGUSTING class, she said. Just DISGUSTING.

And then she showed me the sanitary towel and said: Do you really mean that FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE I will have to wear DIAPERS once a month?

Me: You used to be a baby. You wore them all the time.
Froglet: *rolls eyes* and your point is?
Me: ... Do I have to have a point?
Froglet *sighs ostensibly*
Me: So, what did they give the boys, then?
Froglet *perks up considerably*: OH MAN, that was SO FUNNY! You should have seen their faces!
Me *fights off sudden condom thoughts*: ... surely not...
Me: Oh. Right.

To Be Continued. Alas.
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AHA! This goes a long way towards explaining the Whine and Woe of last Sunday. I has strep. *munches on antibiotics*

Since I was sick and feverish last night, it was up to Husband, aka [personal profile] salamander, to take Froglet to her skating lesson.

Husband *raises an amused eyebrow*: So the club hired a new dance partner, apparently.
rainette: Oh wait, let me guess: he's young and handsome and all the older girls are smitten.
Husband: How did you guess?
rainette: DAMN. I'm never there when Interesting New Developments happen.
Husband: the girls have already nicknamed him "Prince Charming"
rainette *giggles*: How do you know that?
Husband: because I was sitting with the Synchro mums. They were all discussing him. And then I asked them what his real name is.
rainette: and?
rainette: ... wow?
Husband: Well, he doesn't know that all the girls call him Prince Charming, either.
rainette: I sense interesting communication problems in our future.
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