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I suggested we go to le Musée de la Poupée because we were meeting up with my brother-in-law, his wife and their 4-year-old daughter that day, and it seemed like something that would interest all the kids.

Little did I know that I would LOVE it as much as I did. I am strongly recommending it if you go to Paris with children and even if you are on your own.

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And then there was the temporary exhibition, and I wish I could find words to express the wonder we felt when we saw this. We knew it would be about Ken and Barbie through the ages, but I expected something FAO Schwartz-like, with traditional Barbie and Ken dolls in their traditional Barbie and Ken outfits.

We were entirely wrong. What we saw was the work of Claude Brabant, a very talented lady who decided to take famous paintings and re-create them by re-making the clothes herself and using Barbie and Ken as the main protagonists.

Barbie and Ken as Cleopatra and Caesar, St Louis and Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth and Mary Stuart and Catherine de Médicis and more... )
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