Oct. 17th, 2013


Oct. 17th, 2013 10:57 am
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear [profile] bill_shehan! We met over sharing a birthday and boy am I ever glad we did! :D

SO YES. It's my birthday today too. And I am sort of okay with that, even though the mind boggles as to how I got to be that old this fast. :D

This morning I had a conversation with Froglet:

Froglet: so my math teacher still isn't back.
Me: what's up with her?
Froglet: weeeeeeell, she was supposed to be off sick until October 8th and she just... failed to come back.
Me: Oh dear. What kind of sickness, do you know?
Froglet: oh yeah, she had an allergic reaction to somebody's hand sanitizer...
Froglet: What? WHAT? No, really! It's the truth!
Me: Yeah, you know what? She's not coming back. It's you guys she's allergic to.
Froglet: oh, that's fine. We work better with her replacement anyways.

I wish I had called in allergic today instead of going to work.
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