Dec. 4th, 2013

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I hope you guys don't actively hate Victor Hugo or Les Misérables (the musical or the book) because there may be a lot of this in my future posts. SORRY GUYS! I JUST DISCOVERED THAT I REALLY LIKED VICTOR HUGO!

I went to see Les Misérables in Toronto recently (the musical) and it's bloody fantastic.
I took my entire family with me. Froglet was very very excited: she'd read les Miserables for school in class; she'd seen the movie at least once; she knows most of the songs by heart.

Husband and I are FRENCH. We don't really remember ever being introduced to les Miserables. It's always been a part of our lives. It's not like you can escape les Misérables when you grow up in France. Not that everyone has read it - in fact, I am currently reading it for the first time (I am 500 pages in; I have about one thousand more to go...). Husband has never read it. Froglet read the abridged version. However: everybody in France knows the story. There are possibly as many movie Valjeans as they are talented middle-aged French actors with powerful looks (but not too pretty, else they end up as Marius).

I did, however, forget that Tadpole, despite being born in France, is mostly Canadian. She is also too young to have studied Les Misérables in class.

(Note: I am Famous in my family for crying in lot at shows and movies. I don't weep that much in real life, I seem to save ALL THE WEEPS for movies and shows and music and very occasionally books. I'll come to that when I post more about Victor Hugo.)

Froglet: mum?
Me: yes, dear?
Froglet: are you going to cry a lot?
Me: yes, dear.
Froglet *rolls eyes* oh yay.
Husband: Do the girls know the story?
Froglet: DAD! *best DUH voice* Yes, I do.
Tadpole *cheerfully*: nope!
Husband: you did not tell her the story?
Me *sighs*: OK, so. Tadpole.
Tadpole: yes?
Me: Jean Valjean, the hero, was sent to prison because he stole a loaf of bread. He spent nineteen years in prison!
Tadpole: okay...
Lights: lalala *grow dim*
Me: ...OH SHIT THE SHOW IS STARTING and then there is a revolution and everybody dies, I'll tell you the rest at intermission bye.
Tadpole: ?

Froglet and I lip-syncced most of the show and I sniffed my way through several songs, to Tadpole's great amusement.

Show *is over*
Me: that was TREMENDOUS! TREMENDOUS! Did you like it Tadpole?
Tadpole: Yes.
Froglet: pull yourself together mom.
Me: OMG, that scene when Javert dies!
Tadpole: Who is Javert?
Froglet: guys who jumps off the bridge?
Tadpole: Oh - THAT guy.

That guy was utterly splendid, and so was everyone else. YAY LES MISERABLES!
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