Apr. 21st, 2017

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Email from friend yesterday: “Just a reminder that our last concert of the “What Makes It Great” series it at a different venue tonight”

Me: “… shit I’d forgotten it was tonight”

It was awesome, though. What Makes It Great is an evening of music focusing on one specific piece. First there is a conference by Rob Kapilow, complete with exemples played by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, then the entire piece and to finish a short Q & A session with Rob and the entire TSO. 

Audience member: “I’d like to ask the wind section how they manage to not pass out when they play super long notes?”

Reply from wind section: “That’s because we’re all super fit. We swim, we cycle, we run, you name it. We’re really active, so we’re in top shape. So, yeah, usually we’re good, and then Shostakovich happens and all bets are off.” 

Last night was about Gershwin’s An American in Paris, which I absolutely adore, and Rob spoke at length about Gershwin as a game changer, how he brought jazz and the blues and Boadway into classical music venues.

Audience member: “You said that Gershwin changed all the rules back in the twenties - if he were alive today, what do you think he would do?”

Contrabassist: “have you heard of Hamilton? Lin Manuel Miranda? There you go.”

Rob Kapilow: “that’s a great answer! Back in the twenties, Jazz and the Blues and Brodway - that was the popular music then. That’s what people listened to every day. Gershwin introduced these elements into main symphonic pieces, and he brought down the barriers between classical and popular. And Lin-Manuel Miranda is doing something very similar today - he is taking hip hop and rap, current popular music, and he’s bringing these elements to Broadway, and Broadway is a very strictly coded musical environment. I think we can say that Lin Manuel Miranda is today’s musical game changer.”  

@notmissmarple , I immediately thought of you and thought I would share. :) 

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