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You decide to have kids and you’re lucky enough that it happens without a hitch. You raise them as best as you can: you try to feed them good things, you take them places, you read them books, you show them the world. You nurse them when they’re sick, you hug them when they’re sad and lonely, you put band-aids on their boo-boos. You spend sleepless nights searching the internet and other resources, arguing with yourself because you have to make a decision for them, and you want to make sure you have all your facts straight.

You’re not sure you’re doing it right, but you’re certainly trying to be an adequate parent.

They grow up so fast you don’t really see it happen, or maybe you’re just in denial because it’s too fast, dammit, you thought you’d have more time.

And then one tired morning on a day you’re home sick, just like that, they make you a delicious breakfast showcasing culinary skills that you didn’t know they had. And you realize that they may grow up, but they’re still your kids, and they love you like you love them.

Breakfast is absolutely delicious, and sharing it with your lovely child is the best part.

You vow that you will remember this moment, the quiet joy, the shared food, the conversation, the thankfulness.

So just in case, you write it down.

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