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In August of last year, we adopted three tiny 7-week-old kittens whom we promptly named Napoelon, Josephine and Theodore. Their names were longer than they were.

They are now a little over a year old and VERY BIG, and over that period of time they have aquired a number of nicknames. Today, our large and stately cats mostly go by Napinapo, Jojo and Toto. That's right. They had long historical names, and now they're called like Teletubbies. Life's unfair.

I found this AWESOME picture of Napoleon in a random folder yesterday evening, and I thought I would share. I wish I could say that I am great at taking cat pictures, but the truth is, I totally lucked into this one. I was trying to take a picture of Napoleon staring at the pigeons outside. And then he yawned, while still watching the potential food pigeons intently.

This was the result (picture behind the cut) )

LJ people, please let me know if the picture doesn't show up, okay? :)
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